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With more than 300 modules the ADVANCIA range offers you the possibility to create your personal cooking suite, meeting your needs, your requirements, your desires. Design your cooking suite so that it becomes a reflection of your menu.
Assemble your modules as you would marry flavours.
Combining robustness, performance, ergonomics, aesthetic qualities and ease of cleaning, Advancia modular cooking equipment gives horizontal cooking a new dimension.

Open Burners

Save time with pilot and protected electric ignition as standard.
Optimised work surface: over 20 cm at the front dedicated to the plating of your dishes.

Select Cooking Line 900

Open Burner

Solid Top

Open Burner & Solid Top

Radiant Hob


Cast Iron Griddle


Pasta Cooker

Neutral Unit

Chip scuttle


Bratt Pan

Boiling Pan

Battery filtering fryers


Electric plates

Stainless wall

Options & accessories

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