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BONNET International Optimum 700

Optimum 700

The Bonnet Optimum 700 line of Modular Equipment has been designed and manufactured to give the performance and ergonomics a modern kitchen demands. The primary objective of Optimum 700 is to offer equipment that has a truly professional specification. Just because your sapce is limited doesn't mean your ambitions have to be. With reduced depth, optimum 700 suits your space constraints and optimises every square centimetre of your kitchen.

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Open Burner & Solid top

The Optimum 700 series freestanding open burners offer complete flexibility. Available in gas, electronic and induction, they offer dual fuel combination and feature a unique horizontal flame technology and electric ignition, increasing energy efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. A real gastronomic solid top with bulls eye and temperature gradient up to 500°C.

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Open Burner

Solid Top

Open Burner & Solid Top

Radiant Hob

Induction Hob



Pasta Cooker

Neutral Unit

Chip scuttle


Bratt Pan

Boiling Pan

Cast Iron griddle


Bar Grill

Electric Plates

Stainless Wall

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